Norway, Bergen, The Tall Ships Race 2014. - LeifsPhotos

The Tall Ships Race in Bergen, Norway, July-2014. The City showed itself from its best side with a fantastic weather these four days, 24-27 of July-2014.

In the background. Håkon’s Hall, The King’s banqueting hall.
Håkon’s Hall is 750 years old, and was built by King Håkon Håkonsson as a royal residence and banqueting hall. When his son Magnus Håkonsson Lagabøte married the Danish princess Ingeborg in 1261, 2000 guests were invited. “The King held court in the stone hall” say the sagas.
Also in the background the masts of the Russian Tall Ship Kruzenshtern.
To the left the Portuguese Tall Ship Santa Maria Manuela.

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